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The New GOLD STANDARD. Leading the world in ending the loneliness epidemic one phone call at a time.

Have a real conversation.
With a real person.
When you need it.

What is a GeboCall?

It's talking, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing. It’s the gift of a genuine connection and the act of radical self-care.

Need someone to talk to? GeboCall The Gift isn’t just about the call, it’s also about the ripple we’ll create together. You’ll leave the call feeling more self-connected and able to relate to your community. Additionally, GeboCall provides a living wage for your Advocate and a portion of every billable call minute goes to one of the mission-driven companies we support, our Allies. They are Global Impact Organizations that change the world through eradicating illiteracy, hunger, and deforestation. Feel heard, validated, and leave feeling better and at home in your body for the same price of an oil change. Think of the ripple you’ll make! It starts with you. Give yourself the gift of a GeboCall.

Need Someone To Talk To?

Sometimes the best conversations
between strangers allow the stranger to remain a stranger.
Malcom Gladwell

Experience The Gift with

5 minutes FREE

because we want you to feel better.

Why the cost?

Why the Cost

  • We are creating a livable wage for our Advocates.
  • The average call is 20 minutes.
  • A percentage of proceeds go to various global organizations making a difference.
  • It is worth the peace of mind you will gain.

Why call a stranger?

Why call a stranger?

  • Judgment free zone.
  • Anonymous.
  • Qualified, trained professionals.
  • This is a safe space.

What GeboCall isn't.

What GeboCall isn't.

  • Psychotherapy
  • Sex line
  • Psychic line
  • Prayer line

Why Click4Advisor?

Why Click4Advisor?

  • Secure platform
  • Keeps both yours and our anonymity
  • Never shares your information with anyone
  • Global capabilities

What do I talk about?

What do I talk about?

  • Anything that comes to mind.
  • Whatever you need to get off your chest.
  • Things you can’t say to anyone else.

Why do people call?

Why do people call?

  • Life Changes
  • Work/career changes
  • Parent/child loss
  • Grief
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Pet loss
  • Corona Virus Fear
Need Someone To Talk To?

What People are Saying...


Founder & CEO of GeboCall

I started GeboCall to offer people the gift of being listened to without judgment, to validate their experiences, and to impact their lives. Shifting the loneliness epidemic is my heart’s work.


Global Humanitarian, Author, Speaker and Oprah’s All-time Favorite Guest

It’s about how your personal goals are connected to the human need. That’s what called me to you, that human connection. I’m called to second this work, to join GeboCall.

Dr. LaChance


DCEP Licensed Clinical Psychologist

GeboCall is staffed with kind, insightful
professional & knowledgeable individuals. They provide new clarity & comfort through difficult transitions. I recommend GeboCall for support with loneliness, divorce, relocation, loss, anxiety, insecurities or relationship concerns.

Don't let negative self-talk or shame keep you from giving yourself the gift of CONNECTION.

We’re here. We want to be!

We hold the container for you and help you level up. Call us at any time.

Neuroscience and our proprietary conversation model together create a solid foundation for GeboCalls. We understand the healing power of reaching a higher consciousness and promote the positive management of our mental health. This is safe space for genuine conversation. Need someone to talk to? Give an Advocate at GeboCall a call!

Is self-doubt getting in the way of what you really want:

Need Someone To Talk To?

Stop staring. Stop scrolling. Stop swiping.

...and Connect!

Get Started With Gebo Call
GeboCall is a gift for
you and a gift for them
Give the gift of connection to yourself. Self-care through GeboCall is the start of healing the world from loneliness.

Because every time you pick up the phone, you give a gift to one of our Allies, the connection continues.

Need Someone To Talk To?

My dear sister, I am honored to join you!

Dr. Tererai Trent, Oprah Winfrey’s All-time Favorite Guest

We are forever grateful for her belief in GeboCall and are extremely proud to have her as our Global Ally.

Need Someone To Talk To?
Join the GeboCall Community
Our world is hurting for connection. Loneliness is at epidemic levels. Stick around, this is your self-care safe space.
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