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2020 End-of-year Review

2020 end-of-year review

With the new year fast approaching and many celestial shifts happening, I think now is a great time to do a 2020 end-of-year review. Usually, end-of-year reviews include things that made the year great. Products that people love or couldn’t live without, but we can only talk so much about disinfectants and toilet paper! This review will contemplate 3 concepts that we all experienced in one way or another in 2020.


We have all become more aware in 2020. Some awareness is about how we interact with other people in public. A focus on the things we touch, how close we stand, or how quickly stores can run out of supplies. Others may experience an awakening of how our society treats other people who may or may not look like us. We’ve all become aware of how much something we cannot see with our naked eye can rob us of our health, freedoms, and peace. Many ideas fit this bill, but two specifically come to mind right now, racism and a virus.


We’ve also come to terms with the fact that we can’t connect in the ways we have in the past. We have had a complete revolution of connecting through technology. It started with work Zoom meetings. Then our schools shutting down classes in person and our entire educations system using online tech. And has ended with permanent work from home orders and schools opening and closing in waves. A quite an impressive shift happened in such a short amount of time. It shows how resilient and connected our states, countries, and world are. What is cool is in this unprecedented time, we have depended on the leaps in technology.

When Rebecca started GeboCall, she knew that people connecting through a technological platform could change the world. Well, the world changed, and tech has supported that change. It has solidified the ideas and principles of GeboCall. When you connect with your Advocate, no matter where you or they are in the world, you can experience a deep connection. We were fighting a loneliness epidemic before the pandemic. Now we’re all dealing with some form of isolation. When we call it “Self Quarantine” or “Self Isolation,” it’s almost as if it’s something we chose instead of reacting to our society’s needs.


What a year of development we have experienced! Through all of the changes we have gone through as a world, we have continued to strive. Watching as the world has called a change in America after the murder of George Floyd, or how businesses have pivoted to keep their doors open, has been inspiring. We have continued to grow as a society and as individuals. We have come together in such a special way through the trauma of the pandemic and isolation. I took a moment of silence for the people we have lost this year, as well as for the things I am thankful for.

Cheers to 2021! May all of your goals be accomplished, your connections grow more resonant, and your ability to pivot reach an all-time high!

Wishing you The Gift of contentment,


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