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Our Most Paramount Need is Human Connection

The world focuses on teaching the Three Basic Needs; Food, Clothing, and Shelter, but possibly our most paramount need is human connection. Except for some extreme cases, there isn't a spotlight focused on our need for social interaction. It is…

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Get the Most Out of Summer

We're in the thick of summertime! After months and months of dealing with COVID-19 on top of life's normal stressors, it's finally time to unwind and de-stress and get the most out of summer. With longer days and great weather,…

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Culture Clash

We characterize Cultures by varying norms and nuances. It is the way of life for a group of people; who share common interests. The biggest reason some cultures clash is simply, their values are different. Cultures vary, not only from…

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Navigating through Trauma & Loneliness

Many people these days find it quite difficult to connect on a deeper level with others. Unfortunately, people who have been through traumatic situations find it even harder. Research indicates that trauma may make one more susceptible to feeling lonely.…

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You Were Created for This Time

My first job was when I was 11. I babysat six-week-old twins for a summer in an office conference room while their Mom, the CEO of the Ski Resort, worked down the hall. My last childcare/nanny job was in my…

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