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The New GOLD STANDARD. Leading the world in ending the loneliness epidemic one phone call at a time.

social isolationWelcome to GeboCall, the first of its kind conversation service, designed to foster genuine connection. I am Rebecca Davidson, Founder and CEO of GeboCall, The Gift. I have been aware of my own loneliness and social isolation all my life. As an only child, growing up during the latchkey kid era, I spent a lot of time alone, unsupervised and left to my own devices. I was a child with a big imagination and a lot of free time that didn’t always lead me to positive outcomes. My parents did the best they could with what they had, both being products of broken homes, I too ended up a product of a broken home and later in life married and divorced. I have, at various times considered myself a f*%k up, an ugly duckling, a late bloomer, a weirdo, a freak, an outcast, and a failure. Social isolation can come from within too and these emotions can distance you from others. I have struggled to reconcile where I fit in a world where I don’t resemble what’s said to be the ideal or the norm. I don’t think I’m alone feeling this way.

One thing that’s always been true about me is that I’ve gravitated toward other outcasts. The old folks at the nursing home in my hometown were some of my earliest and best friends. I babysat the children two streets over with profound mental retardation (currently defined as intellectual disability). I befriended the girl with cerebral palsy. I let the bully, bully me and didn’t fight back when I was attacked by the neighbor girls who’d been my friends the day before. I always aligned toward those who were different than me, who may have had it worse than me, who seemed lonelier than me. While my story is mine, every one of you has your version of the story that breaks your heart for you and for the world.

My work as a mortgage lender over the last 20 years has allowed me to have the intimacy I’ve always craved with a wide variety of people. Not only do they share their financial secrets, but they also share their lives with me. It was very different than being in social isolation. Being in presence with people during a stressful financial transaction that has a lot of moving parts, I realized that every big money move also has some huge emotional foundation. My clients share their sorrows, their joys, their failures, and their dreams during the weeks of the mortgage process. I’m lucky that many of those relationships have now spanned years.

In 2018, when I was struggling in my marriage and growing my career, I realized that something very special happened between my clients and me. I was able to AFFIRM them. In the space of being witnessed, held and encouraged, they chose to keep going. They chose to keep taking the steps they needed to take (regardless of how difficult) to make their lives better. I had a flash of insight that I could have these types of conversations outside of the context of home finance and over the course of the last 22 months, GeboCall has been in the process of being born. I created GeboCall for people like me.  People who are successful, people who others look to for guidance and who are relied upon in every area of their life.  I created GeboCall as an answer to the loneliness that acheivement can bring.  Many outcasts rise up into leadership roles, but with that rising they find themselves still on the outside.  Success and leadership don’t always correlate to titles and acclaim, many successful people are ordinary people who are simply the “one in charge.” Often they find themselves with no one to listen to the unique problems leaders face.  In many cases, success and carrying the weight of others amplifies the loneliness we’ve always felt.

GeboCall The Gift is the song of my heart. From the place in me that has always desired to be deeply seen and understood, I give this gift to you. GeboCall is the encapsulation of every healing modality I’ve ever sought out – years of therapy, neuroscience-based mindfulness practices, my studies of human nature, my years participating in ceremony, my cravings for and intermittent connections with the profane and the divine. All the times I’ve left myself behind and found myself again through grace and kindness, this is what I’ve poured into GeboCall. I know that being in presence with another, deeply listening to them without judgment, is the key to how we change the world.

My vision for GeboCall is threefold. 1. Create a container for people to speak their truth without fear of judgment, diagnosis, or unhealthy attachment. 2. Hire people from helping professions who are attuned similarly to me, who want to create additional freedoms that time and money can bring, who can hold space for the rawness of another’s complexities and truths. 3. Utilize some of the profits from the business to amplify the missions of organizations making a difference in the world. You see, I’ve always asked myself – how do I change the world? One conversation at a time, that’s how. My inner outcast sees you, feels you and simply wants you to feel better. My inner rebel says, “f*%k this s*%t”, I know the world can be a better place! When you make a GeboCall it is my desire you find a place to unburden the heaviness of life, and by telling your truth, you know you’re making a difference for the person holding space for you and you’re making a difference for the world. Break through social isolation and let your heart speak. Please join me and partake in the #KindnessEconomy, GeboCall The Gift.



social isolation

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