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The New GOLD STANDARD. Leading the world in ending the loneliness epidemic one phone call at a time.

Allyship is:

  • a lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with marginalized individuals and/or groups of people.
  • not self-defined—work and efforts must be recognized by those you are seeking to ally with.
  • an opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves, whilst building confidence in others.

-Forbes Nov 30, 2018

A note from our Founder:

To paraphrase one of our Global Allies, when you know what breaks your heart, you know what work you have to do. I choose to amplify the voices of organizations that pour into global cultures who have been marginalized. When we fail to speak the truth about the inequity and systematic marginalization of specific people within our global human family, it leaves us open to marginalize the parts of ourselves that we are desperate to have seen, heard, and validated. This has led to a set of problems that span society, namely loneliness.

Women have long been idealized as the foundation of the family, yet they are marginalized and controlled in insidious ways. GeboCall, The Gift, strives to pay women enough to close the income gap. GeboCall, The Gift, is especially interested in supporting organizations that make a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world. Supporting these organizations doesn’t mean we don’t support men; it doesn’t mean that we don’t hire men and more importantly, it doesn’t mean we don’t value men. It just means we desire intersectional equality. GeboCall, The Gift, sees the marginalization of women and girls and especially women of color, at the heart of the loneliness epidemic. This is one of the foundational truths we are afraid to tell ourselves.

One of our first Global Allies is focused on providing universal access to quality education in her home village in rural Zimbabwe- regardless of the child’s gender. Oprah Winfrey has said she is her All-Time Favorite Guest because “She symbolizes everything I believe the Oprah show stands for. Her story encapsulates the essence of every lesson we’ve shared over the past 25 years…”

speak truth

speak truthDr. Tererai Trent has inspired us so much, and we are blessed to announce we have teamed up with the Tererai Trent International Foundation (TTI), founded in 2013. Dr. Trent reveals, “We envision empowered rural communities where all children have access to quality education regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds. Our mission is to lead the development and growth of an improved education system supported by socially engaged business models that boost local economies while improving community livelihoods.”

We share the belief schooling has the power to create opportunities and to change the world through the lives of the children who are allowed to learn. Dr. Trent is a Global Humanitarian whose goals for TTI align with GeboCall’s vision. Educating children regardless of their lot in life will empower rural communities, and in turn, will create ripples that will shake this world.


speak truthWe support The Intersection for Mankind and, more specifically, The Intersection for Mankind’s ReMember Institute, for their intimate, content rich courses. Reverend Brig Feltus is Founder, CEO, and visionary for The Intersection for Mankind and the Dean and creator, advisor, and Master Teacher for most of the curriculum offered through The Intersection for Mankind’s ReMember Institute.  She is a spiritual teacher who possesses the bravery to tackle the topics of hegemony and racism from the reality of how they still plague our society today. The courses offered are not focused on thought processes or behaviors, but living powerfully from a place of personal integrity that empowers people to speak the truth that changes the world.

GeboCall is built on the belief that every voice matters.  Speak your truth in the world with integrity, and the world will change- that is what I have learned from Dr. Tererai Trent and Reverend Brig Feltus, and that is why I support them. A portion of every billable GeboCall is donated to the Tererai Trent International Foundation & The Intersection for Mankind.

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