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Feeling lonely after a breakup?

Guy Winch once said about feeling lonely after a breakup, "All of us have experienced some degree of abandonment, if only for a short time, and remember the painful and scary feeling that goes along with it. Whenever we are…

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What Lonely People Want

First things first, loneliness is quite different from "being alone." Being alone is a situation where you're all by yourself with no one around you. Being lonely does not necessarily mean that you are by yourself and without anyone around…

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Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome

When all the kids finally become independent and leave home, there can be a sense of grief and sadness instead of excitement and happiness. This feeling is known as empty nest syndrome. Empty Nest Syndrome is not a medical condition,…

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Connect with Our Elders

Human beings are social creatures, so our connection with others is essential for our survival. We need constant interaction with other humans for us to thrive in our environment. Face-to-Face interaction is at an all-time low, while mobile communication is…

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Our Most Paramount Need is Human Connection

The world focuses on teaching the Three Basic Needs; Food, Clothing, and Shelter, but possibly our most paramount need is human connection. Except for some extreme cases, there isn't a spotlight focused on our need for social interaction. It is…

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Loneliness and the Kindness Economy

Rebecca Davidson joins Megan Winkler and The Good Business Witch Podcast to talk about loneliness and the #kindnesseconomy. The Good Business Witch Podcast is where MBA meets woo-woo. She describes her podcast as fun, relaxed, and spiritual. Listen Now!

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