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Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked: 4

Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked: 4

Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked: 1 – It’s always better to solve a problem right away.

When many people fall into relationships, they believe they have found the perfect guy or girl of their dreams. Arguments seem far away, and we see the world through the lens of love! The good news is that lens can last! The other good news is that disagreements do not have to cause a shift in those lenses!

As you may have heard to let a flower grow in its own air and sun. Don’t try to capture it anywhere in closed doors. Because when you pluck it away, it will die. The same is with relationships. Being caring and cautious of the other person is healthy.  Choosing to be obsessive about the relationship and not letting problems work themselves out with time can cause more issues to arise. Suppose you have found yourself on a rocky patch or have had an argument with your better half. It would help if you gave him or her some time to grow through their emotions. Instead of trying to solve the issue right away. We all cope with different things and different times. 

The myth buster:

So let us bust this myth for your perfect relationship: 

Let those problems rest for a while.

If you are facing issues, let your partner soothe down a bit. Let him have his or her mind away from the issue for some while. Let both of your minds get off from the issue and fall into the love you have for each other. Giving time to anything eventually brings up the good things that we feel about the other person. You may still feel you need to verbally process the situation. Reaching out to someone you can trust about it, is healthy.

Conversely, when you rush into solutions right after the issue or problem has occurred, you infuse anger into the whole equation. You end up making your other half feel burdened and stressed out. Instead, this is a great time to focus on some self-care. This myth about wanting love stems from never going to bed angry. And while you may not want to go to sleep angry, that doesn’t mean the issue has been solved.

On the flip side, be sure you don’t also let your issue stay hanging for too long. When weeds start growing in your flower pot, they may not be harmful at the start. But soon, when the whole pot is full of weeds, it will start killing the flowering plant. Do you get the point right? Sleeping with the issue a night or two may be fine, and taking the time to process issues is great! But, letting problems sit for long will let them grow and can become the focus of the relationship. 

Respecting each other is the core element that will foster a healthy relationship.

You are the person that is working to know your partner the best, and vise versa. No one else can do it better than the people who signed up for it and no one from the outside will be able to smooth the flaws in your relationship. Adapt to each other’s personalities, choices, habits, schedules, etc., takes time. Figuring out disagreements should too.

Wishing you The Gift of patience,


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