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Creating A Safe Space For Yourself

Creating A Safe Space For Yourself

We are living at the busiest of times and are leading stressful lives. Even if we have everything we need to sustain our lifestyle, we can still experience depression, anxiety, or a host of other expressions. COVID-19 is just the most common issue we are all facing, everywhere in the world presently. This pandemic has only exacerbated the need to have a human connection. Cultivating a group of people, a special place, or times when we feel relaxed and free of any emotional pressure is crucial at this point. Creating a safe space for yourself will help you build resilience against stressful times and be better able to face everything with protection over your heart.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could snap your fingers and come up with space for your soul where you would be able to unwind and soothe free from the stresses of life? But how? Where should you begin?

Don’t Forget Support

Not all of us have friends, and not every one of them is loyal. It’s hard to find safe spaces naturally, and hence you can always begin with GeboCall. GeboCall is an obvious solution. Suppose you allow yourself to loosen up and connect with your Advocates, even anonymously if you desire- you will not only feel more connected with your Advocate, but also with yourself. Our Advocates are a trained group of people who choose to create safe spaces for themselves and you. GeboCalls are for everyone. Some callers have gone through some serious trauma in their lives, but some callers only want to come together to talk and let their hearts out.

Join Social Media Groups

Social media can also be stressful, but the key is being specific to find what you are looking for here. You need to have a group of people who have come together for the same reason as you. If you can’t find the group you’d like to join, maybe you can be the first to start one. You never know who else could be looking for the same support. You may find a lot of encouragement from taking this avenue.

Bring Yoga To Use

If connecting with people by talking to them isn’t your way of creating a safe space for yourself, then the second-best option is to find your own company. Through stretching and meditation, you can find the clam in your soul and explore the depths of your self. You can become stress-free through yoga and meditation, and this will also soothe the tensed up nerves in you and become one of your safe practices.

Make an Area in Your Home A Safe Haven

Your entire home can be a source of peace and relaxation if it’s filled with things that soothe you. But for some of us, it can be very stimulating. If you live in a shared home or have a spouse and children, it can be a good idea to create a space and time just for you. It could be a room, or your time in the bathroom, or even a closet cultivated to your style. Find the things you’re naturally attracted to, like soothing candles, a cozy sofa, or a warm lamplight. Create an area that can soothe your nerves the moment you step into it.

These were some ways of creating a safe space for yourself. Which do you connect with the most? Also, let us know what else you do to make a safe space for yourself!

Wishing you The Gift of space,


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