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Diagnosed As An Adult With ADHD (Part Three)

Diagnosed as an Adult with ADHD (Part Three)

Continuing, Diagnosed as an adult with ADHD:
I learned about neurofeedback from reading The Body Keep Score back in 2015-2016, and so when neurofeedback came up as an option for me to try to work on my ADHD patterns, I did not know there was something called vision or light therapy. 

So, today’s the day. I did 20 minutes of teal light therapy. I’m going to be doing this at least five days a week for the next month, and then I’ll go into another round. She may adjust the colors. But it’s something that’s kind of a non-traditional therapy, but it gets right into your brain. 

It gets right into your nervous system and how you process. 

So, part of the reason I want to share this with you is that it’s been such an interesting journey over the last several years. I’m a lot less anxious. I do have the ability to focus better than I was before. Part of my lack of focus, I know, is just because I have such a big expansive view already on my own. I want to make sure that as I’m expanding very deliberately into leadership and into a regulated state in my body that I’m availing myself of all the options that I can. Another goal is to perform in a way that allows me to be present, compassionate, kind, and creating solutions on higher and higher levels as I launch this business, as I connect with more people – those types of things.

Like many, I was shamed as a kid for talking too much, being too handsy, being out of your seat, not being able to sit for hours at a time, not being able to get your homework done. That was kindergarten through 11th grade, and the only reason I did finish 12th grade is that I was grounded for half the year. And then, once I got into college, I was able to teach myself how to learn. I gave myself those opportunities to prove successful and eliminate some of those shame-filled feelings imprinted on me as a young learner. 

So, just being an adult and being able to choose what is a good change for me.

Part of being an adult and getting right with yourself, especially when everything about the world is so charged, means making some choices. It means taking yourself by the hand. It means pushing yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with. You know if you go to your doctor or your nurse practitioner, nine times out of ten, you tell them you’re anxious, you’re going to walk away with some prescription. 

I’ve had some anxiousness lately. I considered getting myself a prescription, but instead, I’m treating myself with some amino acids and some sound frequency. When you look at quantum physics, quantum physics tells us that all of the matter in the world, all of the matter is the size of one green pea, and otherwise, we are frequency. We are vibration. We are energy. And so, light is energy, and sound is energy. Sound and light are the things that I’m using at this time to heal myself. 

I’ve cleared a lot of stuff out of my neurology. 

I’ve removed a lot of traumas out of my vagus nerve. In fact, when I totaled my car recently, I already had dinner plans with my bodyworker that night. She picked me up, took me to her house, fed me dinner, and after she had put her son to bed, she put me on the table, and that evening she cleared five different car accidents out of my system. And there was an energy pattern that I released. 

She traced the pattern in the air after our session. Well, that was a car accident that I had in high school. I could tell when she drew it. She said it was very bumpy, and then it was a long loop, well, we hit gravel, and then we lost control, and we went under somebody’s chain-link fence, and the car stopped. That was the pattern stuck in my nervous system.

We’re miracles people. 

I mean the fact that a 34-year-old pattern was in my neurology, and I could tell her exactly which car accident that was. On that evening, not only did I clear the car accident where I wrecked, I was able to remove several other car accidents. So, part of why I’m sharing this with you is, hey! I want you to know me, and I want you to know all the weird things I do to keep myself healthy. But I also want you to begin to become open to mixing and matching things that will help you heal. I’ve started GeboCall as a call center to eradicate the loneliness epidemic, and mixing and matching healing modalities is also part of the creation.

One of the things I’ve noticed since the murder of George Floyd and COVID-19 is that there is a proliferation of online therapy, free services that you can call to connect with someone. GeboCall is just a little bit different. I have six advocates trained in functional neuroscience, in the Scale of Consciousness and emotional frequency. Lower end emotions, those are things like despair, rage, jealousy. When we hit a state of neurological neutral, we can start to get into the higher frequencies. Joy is a very high frequency of emotion. That’s part of the training protocol that my advocates have gone through. 

Every single advocate who is on our GeboCall team is a professional who is in the helping professions. 

They all work in some fascinating circumstances where they help people feel better. So, GeboCall for people who may not want a therapist and maybe aren’t ready for a ten or fifteen thousand dollar coaching program. But, they want to begin to push themselves in some directions that will allow them to do better, feel better, be better, and clear some of this trauma out of our systems. 

I believe, 100 percent, that we are amid an ancestral, collective reckoning. Everything stuck in our bodies; epigenetics tells us that there are 15 generations worth of memories in our DNA. So, I think that as we’re in this very potent time, in the 60s, there was a song about it called this is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and we’re here.

I feel like everyone alive on the planet has been born for this time, but not everyone knows how to get themselves the help they need. And that’s why I created GeboCall. I wanted easy access, on-demand coaching, support, regulate your nervous system, an opt-in option that allows you to feel better- so that you can show up in your life better. And together, we’ll all create a ripple effect. Once we, enough of us, are neurologically regulated, we’ll make a tipping point, and all the screwy stuff in the world will be able to take care of it because we won’t be so dysregulated as a species.

So, that’s my story. I’m going to be working on the teal light and continuing to regulate my nervous system. If you’re looking for the door to get yourself regulated, if you’re looking for a way in, GeboCall is the place to do that. 

I honestly believe that you can begin to feel better in a 10 to 15-minute call. 

It’s not something that’s going to take a ton of time. But let’s be honest, even if it did, you’ve spent a lot of stupider money than taking care of yourself. You spend it in a coffee shop, on clothes made poorly that fall apart after only a year, or on a meal at a restaurant. Begin to spend some money on your self-care, and GeboCall is a place that you can do it. The advocates are amazing, and they will hold space for you as you do the work that is required of humanity at this time.

Wishing you The Gift of Self-Care,


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