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Get The Best Out Of Your First Year In College

Get the Best Out of Your First Year in College

The time you spend in college is a self-discovery period, character building, and the most critical period is possibly your first year, we want you to get the best out of your first year in college. Whatever you do in your first year of college will have a massive impact on your stay in school and the rest of your life. Taking a couple of steps in the wrong direction could prove challenging to recover from, so it is essential to have an excellent first year to create a solid foundation for the rest of your time in school.

Whether you stay at home or you have to travel far, heading to college can be quite a terrifying experience. The fear of loneliness matches the fascination of meeting new people. No one wants to spend all their time in college completely alone. And the first year is usually when deep connections between people happen. This first year as a stepping stone towards a future for yourself. To get the best out of your first year in college, here is a couple of things you should do:

Make a Plan: 

You’ll never be prepared for what you experience inside the college walls, but you should have a specific plan. Include the grades you wish to attain or what type of friendships you want to cultivate, or what clubs or organizations you are interested in joining. You should have a list of what you seek to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Be sure to keep your values throughout your college time, as it is challenging for people not to forget their morals and follow the crowd. Don’t be deterred, follow the plan you’ve set for yourself, and don’t be distracted by how your friends spend their time.

Be Active: 

College is a time for you to truly discover who you are and what you want out of the world. Do as much as you can, join as many clubs as you can without wrecking your structured plan. Get to know your campus by moving around, taking school tours, and meeting new people. You should attend as many campus events as possible but be sure to balance your time properly between your social life and your academic life, so neither significantly outweighs the other. Also, don’t be shy to walk up to people and ask for help because they will help you become more acclimatized to the campus environment. 

Stay healthy: 

This means both your physical and financial health. Do not overwork your body. Judiciously spread your time over all the activities you need to partake in and eat healthily. Many college students end up living off a diet of chips and soda, which will hinder you. Eat good food and also try to exercise. Don’t spend your money lavishly. It’s best to create a budget for how you intend to spend your money, so you don’t end up broke. Be sure to take advantage of the freebies put out by the University or students or whatever it might be. Be prudent in your spending, and make sure you stay fit.

College is about finding the balance. There will be a lot for you to learn, and many opportunities for exploration. If you find yourself feeling lost, make a GeboCall. You can get the coaching you need to make it through your first year as well as have a place to unburden yourself without feeling like a burden.

Wishing you The Gift of exploration,


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