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The New GOLD STANDARD. Leading the world in ending the loneliness epidemic one phone call at a time.

How can I open an account to connect with an Advocate?

  • Click here to access instructions by video.
  • Click4Advisor is the platform we have partnered with to provide you with a secure, anonymous connection. You can open an account by clicking here.
  • Open a secure, password protected account (never share your password)
  • Finance your account with the amount you would like to start with (fee is only deducted as you use time)
  • Select the Advocate you wish to connect with
  • Click on their Call Now or Chat Now button.
  • The button is gray, they are not available at this time, but you can book an appointment by clicking on the Make an Appointment button.
  • Enter your phone number and user name and you are all set!

Do I need the internet to make a call?

No internet connection is needed, all calls are made by telephone and you can use your cell phone or a landline. You can access your account via an internet connection or by phone.

I have opened an account - now what?

You can use your account to write your Advocate, schedule a return call, leave feedback to an Advocate you have spoken with, fund your account and change your password or user information. Your account is a part of you controlling your experience.

Android Click4Advisor App (download for Android)
iPhone Click4Advisor App (download for iPhone)

Do I get charged if an available Advocate doesn't answer?

You will have 30 seconds to be connected to your Advocate’s line without being charged.

What does "Request a Scheduled Call" mean?

You are able to request an appointment time that works for you through this feature. Be sure to specify the time zone you are calling from to avoid confusion. Your Advocate will be sent an email and will either confirm, reject, or modify your request. When you both have reached an agreed time, both phones will ring at the appointment time. NOTE: Your information is always anonymous, and all conversation is filtered through Click4Advisor.

How do I know which Advocate is best for me?

Each Advocate was chosen based on their ability to listen with an empathetic ear, their unwavering commitment to kindness, and their life experiences- so know you will have a great experience with anyone you choose. You may select someone based on their specialties, the way they look, your connection to their story, or just a gut feeling. You are in charge of your experience. You get to choose who you want to connect with.

Why would I chat?

There are many ways to share a connection and, though we believe voice to voice connection is vital, we want to offer as many options to connect as possible. You can use your same account for chatting and calling. Some reasons you may choose to Chat instead of Call are:

  • You are not ready to connect voice to voice
  • You are in a place that is not conducive to a phone call
  • You do not want other people to hear your conversation

You may choose to use both phone and chat features as best suits your needs.

How do I Choose an Advocate?

You can anonymously call any Advocate you feel connected to, this may be by their picture, by reading their bio, or by their specialties. Speak to the same person or a new Advocate each time you call. You are in control of your experience. Fund your account to cover your Call (a fee is only deducted as you use time). You will know when your balance is getting low by a recorded voice alert. If you are connected with an Advocate, you will have the option to fund your account to continue your Call.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can call 1-925-469-9600 ext 203 from 9-5 Pacific Time if you need any help setting up your account or by email To contact GeboCall for any customer support needs please email

How do I add more funds to my account?

Online: Log in to your account and make a deposit with your credit or debit card


Phone: 60 seconds before spending the funds in your account, an audible alert will announce that your funds are low. Both the advisor and customer hear this short recording and you will be given an option to add more funds.

To add more funds, you will be prompted to press ‘1’ and then the dollar amount you would like to add. You then will need to add the three digit code on the back of the card signed up for your account with to verify it is you are adding funds. Everything is then confirmed before moving forward back to the Call. Customer service is always happy to assist you.

What does "Request an Immediate Callback" mean?

When an Advocate is unavailable or busy, you can ‘Submit a Callback Request’ to receive a call once your Advocate becomes available. ‘Submit a Callback Request’ can be accessed from your phone via 1 (888) 626-7386.

You can see your callback requests in your account. Your Advocate will also see the ‘Callback Request Queue’ on their interface. The moment your Advocate switches from Unavailable to Available, they will begin receiving the calls that have requested a callback.

Is there an 800 number I can use?

You can call 1-888-626-7386 to reach an Advocate. When you sign up for an account you will receive your own unique Dial-In ID and PIN number.

To access this information:

  • Log into your account
  • Click User Profile at the top of the page
  • Click “Update Dial-In Pin”
  • Get or create your unique PIN (Do not share your PIN with anyone)
  • Call from any phone

What is chatting?

Chatting requires you to have an internet connection. It is similar to texting or emailing someone but is an instant process and you are in a “Shared” typing space. You are able to “see” when your Advocate is typing and vise versa.

How Do I Become an Advocate?

Click here to learn more about becoming an Advocate!

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