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Feelings? Use Them To Get In Touch With Your Creative Side!

Feelings? Use them to get in touch with your creative side!

How to get in touch with your creative side? Through your feelings!  

Childhood is fun and full of creativity. We are born with our instincts to enjoy everything and be creative. This creativity turns clouds into animals and toy cars into actual world racing ones. But does this magical ability to see things not as they are, remain throughout our lives? Many of us get stuck with chronicles of life, and others forget about the things we once enjoyed in life. How to get in touch with your creative side?

Don’t feel too “Old” for getting creative!

The first thing you must do when thinking or trying to be creative is not feeling you are doing anything wrong. If you don’t have a natural desire or instinct of creativity left in you, it is not wrong to try to get back onto the fun track. 

Just feel it to be your right to enjoy everything and be creative in your daily ways. Secondly, you can move ahead to the next steps.


To be creative, you need to try on the most creative thing you can, which is to draw. Drawing will let you open up to the colors and all those new shapes and enter your imaginative mind. You feel liberated from the stress of always doing the ‘right’ and will be able to explore what you can.  Maybe you think stick figures aren’t worth exploring, but your drawing is only your expression. You don’t have to learn it, you only need to bring it out! But, if that is not your thing, color!

Spend time in nature

As you have always heard, nature has healing powers. It is just the same when your room walls always surround you, and you need a breather. Step outside and let your eyes see new visions and your ears hear new sounds and your brain deal with new situations. This will be very helpful to relieve the creative block in you.

Keep a journal

Journals are places where people spill out their darkest secrets and refer to when they want to babble about their happening days. You can keep one as well, writing about everything you want to say and all the things you don’t. Gain clarity through journaling and also get in touch with your creative side.

Never stop learning

Your age may be telling you that you are no longer in the position to learn anything new. Such pride may put your creativity off and will make you dull. When you accept every bit of knowledge coming your way with open arms, you are ready to embrace the elements of creativity in you. You are more capable than you can imagine and sometimes you just need someone to help you realize that!

So which of these suggestions from how to get in touch with your creative side are you going to try out first?

Wishing you The Gift of creativity,


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