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How To Get Unstuck With GeboCall

How to Get Unstuck with GeboCall

This New Year feels different from New Years’ of the past. After a year of new regulations from the pandemic, racial issues coming to the forefront, and an election year, I think we are all in a bit of a recovery mode. We can’t navigate through life as we did at the beginning of 2020, and many people I have spoken to relate to the feeling of being stuck. Feeling stuck can stem from a relationship, career, job, the unknown of the future, and past triggers. Many are asking themselves how to get unstuck? 

Being stuck is an apparition, but a mighty one. We feel stuck mentally, emotionally, and we can even experience a feeling of being stuck physically. I believe the top five reasons people feel stuck are because they ignore problems, continue to do what they have always done, let fear stop them, stop planning for the future, and comparing themselves to other people. 

The best place to start is to move. 

I loved playing Super Mario Brothers growing up. Still, there were times when the game would freeze, and the only way to get it going again was to pull the reset button, and there were times when you had to remove the game cartridge out altogether and blow the bottom of it and then replace it for the total reset! Move. Literally, move. Shake your body, like a dog coming out of a lake. Reset. Your physical movement will also awaken an inner movement. 

Next, find a way to express yourself. Grab a box of crayons and color, write, draw, play in makeup, build a house of cards. Just find a way to express something other than stagnancy to yourself. I know this step may sound silly to some but challenge yourself to open up and be exposed. There is movement in the rawness of remembering that you can. You can create, you can imagine, you can do. 

Don’t listen to other’s expectations of you or the expectations you had of yourself. 

Let go of them. Get clear with who you are today and what it is that you want from life now. Start with small changes. A few suggestions are:

  • Setting a timer and write for 10 minutes every day
  • Talk to people close to you about what your greatest strengths are
  • Get a Coach to help you be accountable to yourself
  • Practice being present with yourself & cut out distractions
  • Consider talking to a professional

Once you have reconnected with yourself about what is essential to the person you are today, make a plan. If you feel this is too much, reach out to an Advocate, they would love to help you create it. Now is the time to be very honest and direct with yourself. Take advantage of this restart and cut away the expectations and desires that anyone else has for your life and solely focus on your own. 

And when you have a plan, get to work.

Work but also stay open to receiving the gifts that life has for you. Pivot for 2020 has become a mantra. I refuse to get Ross carrying that couch out of my mind when I hear it, but it is precisely what we need moving into 2021 and beyond. You can change your mind. It’s allowed. 

Wishing you The Gift of a plan,


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