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How Can You Start Connecting Deeply

How Can You Start Connecting Deeply

How Can You Start Connecting Deeply

This world is in great need of people who can form emotional connections with other people. We all know it isn’t easy to let go of our guards and trust someone with all the emotional energy you have, especially when there is a great risk of losing it all. What if the person you open up to leaves, passes away, or you have to end the ties? There is a great risk in connecting deeply with another person. If it ends, you lose the relationship and that part of yourself that you gave him or her. But at the same time connecting deeply with others boosts our confidence level and helps us grow emotionally. It is a crucial part of our human experience. But how can we begin to start connecting deeply with another person?

Make it Easy To Open Up to You

We all are looking for shoulders to lean on and hope to find support systems that only give support and no judgment. A study has shown that asking and sharing emotional, intimate stories with other people always makes you connect with them more strongly. We all have lived tragic times. Communicating about them with the people we feel comfortable with, especially if they have experienced something similar, can make all of the difference. Having a sympathetic or empathetic ear can literally change someone’s life.

Be Empathetic & Curb the Judgement

The fear of judgment is the first thing that wards people off from genuine connection. You can’t be completely open with someone you feel is judgmental. To be expected to build open emotional relationships with others, you have to express your truth openly and honestly. Being open-hearted can be terrifying! Experience being listened to without judgment and real empathy through a GeboCall. We hope that these two things become the norm in your daily life.

Let Them Speak Without Fixing Them

The fear of judgment is the same for the people in your life. When they tell their story, it is important not to speak over them or correct their beliefs or experience. Try to let them say whatever they have in their heart, and you get to listen. This is an essential part of allowing others to build deep connections with you. Connecting deeply with another person can seem impossible when you hold so many thoughts and emotions, but it is possible.

Something Cara Wykowski, founder of My Girlfriend’s Voice, said is, “We talk to ourselves far harsher than we’d ever talk to another human being!” That really resonated with me because often, it is the harsh voice telling you not to connect and is holding you back from experiencing something that may change your life. Connecting allows us to build a relationship of trust and value and not of comparison and discourse.

We are living in a time where connecting with others takes a concerted effort. Google Hangouts and Zoom Meetings have become a part of our everyday living. GeboCall also uses technology as a way to foster connection, coaching, and conversation at any time. When issues in our world keep us apart, many people find themselves feeling isolated and alone. We can help.

Wishing you The Gift of deep connection,


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