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I Need Someone To Talk To

I Need someone to talk to

Everyone experiences times in their lives when they felt weak, both emotionally and spiritually. Feeling this way can drive us to feel like we are living in a shell of who we are. Not speaking or standing up for anything we believe at all. We keep accepting anything fed to us, and in no way, we decide to take a stand for even ourselves. Things go crazy, and the loop never ends unless we choose to end it one day. Sometimes we don’t know how to end it on our own. That is when we feel, “I Need someone to talk to.”

There was a time that I couldn’t stand up for myself. I was going through a period of low self-esteem and felt worthless against anything that existed in this world. Issues regarding my self-worth and how I looked physically, drove me to not be seen. I had many people bullying me at work, and even being a strong woman at heart, I could not tell them to stop and not treat me this way.

Now when I reflect, I get amazed by how I acted at that time. I’d lost the connection I had with myself. I wasn’t listening to myself, and I put everyone and everything above how I was feeling. I felt horrible in those days, and I couldn’t accept kindness without feeling cynical. That’s when I knew, “I Need someone to talk to.” Thankfully, I had a close friend with whom I finally opened up about everything going on. It was hard to share after keeping it in for so long, but it was a relief. As if I had gotten rid of the massive pressure from my shoulders, and I was free to feel again.

I was no longer numb, and I came up with a plan to help myself out in this situation with the help of my friend.

We decided to set the intention never to let anyone run over me nor belittle me in any way. Though this was an enormous leap of faith for me, I was glad to share my feelings with at least someone other than my diaries. I got real help and a listening ear upon whom I could trust and rely. Soon I felt my colleagues at the office had started being polite to me and started treated me much better.

I treated myself better and others followed

Were the issues with my looks resolved? No, but I had accepted that a few things are not ever in a human being’s control, and no matter how much we cry over this spilled milk, it all can never poured back into the glass. I started showing myself love and gratitude, and soon I was not letting anyone crush me under their bullying words.

So, what helped me out of this traumatic situation? That listening ear of my friend and the hope and faith she restored in me. I’ll always suggest that everyone let others know what they are feeling and never keep the lava bubbling inside your head and heart, and I know it isn’t always possible to confide in someone you already know. Some people in your circle care for you, and sometimes these are strangers sitting across the country, ready to help you out of the chaos you are feeling.

Wishing you The Gift of talking to someone,


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