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Jumping From The High Dive

Jumping from the High Dive

One summer, I had the opportunity to go to the hot springs with my summer camp. I was super excited to get to swim. Walking in, I saw the high dive, and let me tell you- I’m terrified of heights. Terrified, but decided I was going to jump that day. 

I got ready to jump in the pool and mustered up the courage to climb the ladder. I got to the end of the board, and I jumped. I want to tell you it was the most majestic jump from the high dive from an eight-year-old that you’ve ever seen. That would be a lie. I fell flat on my belly. I can say I should have gotten straight 10’s for that belly flop! My white skin turned the most magnificent shade of pink, and I never got on the high dive again. 

I’m sharing this story, first because it’s freaking funny and also as an encouragement. With the New Year (and DECADE) in full swing, our tradition is to commit to year-long resolutions. COVID-19 has shifted many of our courses. Life is happening, and I’m here to permit you to change your mind and course on some of the decisions you made months ago. Sometimes self-care means failing and being okay with it. 

Fast forward to adulthood. I’ve tried things and failed, and I’ve tried other stuff and succeeded with brilliance. I encourage you to pick your battles. I’ll never be one who loves heights or jumps off of the high dive (like ever again), and I’m okay with that. That makes me, well, me. If something doesn’t or can’t work for you, it’s okay to let it go, Frozen style. Failing means you can revamp your plan and try something new. Amid this pandemic, we are all trying something new. 

Wishing you the gift of growth,


P.S. It’s also okay to get back on the high dive and try again.

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