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Losing A Parent Is Lonely

Losing a Parent is lonely

The Loneliness of the Loss of a Parent

The loneliness that stems from grief is a real, undeniable emotion. Millions of people deal with it after losing a parent. About 57% of Americans are still grieving from the loss of a loved one after three years, so it doesn’t quickly go away. It can be that empty, alone feeling you get when you partake in an activity that you and your parent used to do together. In more severe cases, it can evolve into crisis loneliness, meaning, your loneliness becomes laced with anxiety or panic.

When someone loses a parent, how they react is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. The level of loneliness they feel is strongly individualized. The loneliness of losing your parent is real, raw, and something that people across the globe deal with every day.

The Person You Want is Forever Gone

Grieving people are at a disadvantage when it comes to being lonely. You desire to have your mom or dad by your side, but you know that is unsolvable now. That reality can make anyone feel hollow. For kids who are graduating, they won’t be able to celebrate with their deceased parent. That bride walking down the aisle might not get the chance to have her dad there to walk with her. For most people, their parents have a special place in their lives. No one will ever be able to fill that gap that they once took up.

The Loss of a Loving Parent Means the Loss of An Unconditional Support System

Though the everyday loneliness can strike at any time. What cuts deep for many people is that a large part of their support system in life is now gone. No matter what age you are, it would be best if you had someone you can rely on, and for many, that is their parents. They lost that person they could turn to for guidance, and that can become the catalyst for feeling isolated.

They Feel Like Part of Them Is Gone Now Too

Think about it- people who lost a parent never knew what life was life without them in it. As long as they have been alive, their parent was there. Now they have to navigate a world that their parent is no longer a part of. That can feel uneasy and exceptionally lonely.


No one wants to lose their parents. It’s a heartache that, yes, will get better in time, but one that will never go away. What may surprise those who are recently grieving is how underestimated the alone feeling would be. Loneliness is a subjective term, allow yourself to feel and mourn as long as you need to. If you feel like you’re emotions are spiraling, seek support from trained individuals. You are never alone, and GeboCall is always someone out there who can guide you back to a healthier mindset.

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