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5 Ways To Cope With Losing A Pet

5 Ways to Cope with Losing a Pet

5 Ways to Cope with Losing a Pet

For many people, pets are their kids, best friends, and most loved creatures on the planet. And when a member of our family dies, our pets, the loss, and grief are devastating—your life changes when a pet dies. The evening walk for the dog, or emptying the litter box, or cleaning an aquarium are just the start of the routine changes.

You miss the joy of taking care of your animal, and everything starts feeling depressing. We have to continue and find ways to cope with our loss. So what are the ways to cope with losing a pet?

1.Take some time to grieve

Don’t try forgetting about your pet right after it passes. Pets quickly become a part of people’s family lives, and losing one is a huge setback. Accept the fact that your pet has died, and you are grieved from this huge loss. 

The grief process can not be forced to end or hurried along. Your grief may come in waves. You might feel better at one moment, but then the grief can get triggered once again. You may feel you are healed and start crying over your loss once someone mentions something that makes you remember your pet. That is okay.

2.Don’t try to hide or ignore the sadness you feel

Face the grief you have. When we try denying it or putting it aside, we only keep delaying the process of grief. You should cry, scream, talk to someone about it or pound a pillow but don’t hide it.

3.Get the right support

When you are hurting, you need someone to talk to. Having someone around you to comfort you, your best friends, or your closest family member can help you feel safe and secure. Some people aren’t as sensitive and don’t understand this kind of loss, so don’t get surprised if they say something insensitive like, “It was only a cat.” Many people don’t understand that you have a bond with your pet that is hard to break. Finding the right support is vital.

4.Write it all down

One way to cope with losing a pet includes writing down how you are feeling. You want your feelings to come out of your heart and be out there in the world. Letting your emotions disperse instead of holding them in is healthy. You can use art and writing to deal with the loss of losing a pet. 

Some people have also created journals that specify their pet loss. Through these books, you can find the right words that help you explore and express your feelings.

5.Hold a ceremony

You can also hold a ceremony in which you would remember your lost pet. These types of rituals can help you master the tender emotions you’re feeling. The ceremony honors the bond that you have with the pet. 

It’s a tangible way to express loss and disappointment and to start healing. It may also establish some connection with the lost one. You can put a message of farewell in the burial box, spread your pet’s ashes, or just take a moment of silence in your favorite shared place.

These were a few ways to cope with losing a pet. If you have other suggestions please share them in the comments below.

Wishing you The Gift of comfort,


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