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Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked 2

Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked 2

Myth About Wanting Love: Debunked 2 – Your partner can fulfill all your needs.

Should I think that my partner will be my utmost support system and be there for me? Yes, absolutely! Should you think they should be the source of fulfilling all your needs? Nope! That will only end in disappointment. Don’t forget your partner is also a human being and not a superhero, no matter how great they will look in tights! You can expect them to be great wives, husbands, partners, moms, and dads. But, it’s not fair to think of them to be someone who will fulfill all of your needs. When most people are in a committed relationship, they think that they can expect their better half to be a source of fulfilling their needs and ongoing, changing, requirements. This way of thinking doesn’t set us up for success. 

This is because when your thoughts about your needs become expectations for someone other than yourself to fulfill, disappointment is inevitable. This feeling of unfulfillment stems from unrealistic requirements.

Maybe you have the best man or woman in the entire world, and you are in the best relationship. But once you start expecting too much, you put the other person first in stress and then regret and then finally get tired from the relationship you have. This is because you can not make people fall into your ideal scenario of what life should be like. Human beings are all different, and we all have to cooperate if we wish to live with one another. There is definitely give and take that has to happen.

So here comes the myth buster about wanting love:

Your partner can not fulfill all your needs, and that is totally fine.

Instead, what you can do to grow in your relationship is understand each other. See where you both fall short of and try filling up the gaps by giving of yourself in the relationship, or find outside resources that can help. Some people hire a nanny, or a house cleaner, some chose to lean on friends during tough times. Spending time with your community is something that will not only support your love, but will support your community. Learn how you can improve each other’s personalities and help them be the best person they can be.

It isn’t that hard to grow into each other when you let your doors open into your personality and let the other person wander in your existence. You will find it super soothing when you realize that someone has encountered the personality traits that you hide from the world but has accepted you with them. Instead of expecting an Eifel tower from your better half, go to a beach and build one yourself. How beautiful is that, right? Always remember that you both have entered into the relationship, and it is on both of you to fill up empty spaces and improve your bond. 

Reaching out to your community for issues that you may be at a standstill about in your life can help your relationship by sharing life’s burdens. Try helping tachometer in things that the other can’t do, try solving issues and be the first to do so, don’t rush things, keep improving your personalities, try surprising each other, and live up to each other.

After all, you both are human beings, and you both are not perfect robots. You both will make mistakes, and you both have the right to be forgiven. And if anywhere, you can step one step ahead of the other to make them happy, take that step!

Wishing you The Gift of fulfillment,


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