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Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked 3

Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked 3

Myth About Wanting Love -Debunked 3: Romance lasts only a little while

Do you know the feeling of thinking of the person you like and your stomach drops just to make room for the butterflies? And then the feeling of arguing with the person you love and issues seem to bring up more issues? Both ends of the relationship spectrum! But, intensely romantic love can be a separate thing altogether and shared in both scenarios. It is a very common myth that the romance in a relationship dies with time. 

Candlelit dinner on the beach or Netflix and Chill at home while hoping your newborn doesn’t wake up? Both be forms of romance. You may also have been practicing this romance thing one way at the beginning of your relationship, and as life continues, challenges can make implementing romance seem burdensome and an unsolvable problem. But it’s your attitude towards your better half that is sparks the flame or romance!

Romance: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Try looking out at life from a new perspective. Start believing that there can be excitement and mystery associated with your everyday life! You won’t lose the spark with your favorite person if you protect it.

Take some time and give yourself the freedom to think about the romantic gestures that you have loved. Then, apply the concept to your life as it is now. If it was holding hands on a hike to a beautiful waterfall, maybe make an effort to hold your partner’s hand while riding in the car together. The little gestures add up.  

Here comes the myth buster about wanting love and romance:

It is not always the big gestures that spell out romance! 

The big gestures that we often experience at the beginning of a relationship seem more valiant and noticeable. The longer partners are together, the more daily life can seem to get in the way of romance. Both individuals in any relationship should put their best foot ahead into making a bond stronger. Below is a list of 15 romantic gestures you can incorporate into your daily life:

  • Do a chore that your significant other hates doing
  • Make a plan for dinner, even if it is a PB&J picnic on the livingroom floor!
  • Cook a family recipe together and enjoy it outside
  • Surprise them with a gift if you know they’ve had a bad day
  • Bring them coffee in bed in the morning
  • Leave them a little note where you know they are going to find it
  • Pack their lunch
  • Look up your childhood school online and share a story with them about your experience there
  • Watch a TV show together… NO SKIPPING AHEAD!
  • Get a picture of the two of you framed and put it where you know they will see it
  • Tell them specifically one thing you love about them
  • Hold hands, in the car, at the grocery store, at the park… wherever you can
  • A massage is always romantic
  • Cuddle after a long day
  • Dance with them- anywhere!

Wishing you The Gift of romance,


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