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Navigating The Loneliness Of Sobriety

Navigating the Loneliness of Sobriety

It is difficult to pick up from where you left off when starting life during recovery. A lot of the spaces that used to be occupied by addictive behaviors are now left empty, and more often than not, loneliness begins to fill these gaps.

If you ignore these feelings of isolation, they can trigger depression or even a relapse, so it is important to understand how to navigate your loneliness during sobriety. Here are some of our tips to help you.

1. Consider this a chance to start with a blank slate.

Sobriety often starts with a difficult transition period. This includes, but is not limited to, cutting negative influences out of your life. While it is healthy to grieve these lost relationships, it is also essential to acknowledge the silver linings. Think about what you were looking for from previous relationships and then work to find these things in yourself, others, and new activities.

2. Remember you can still feel lonely when you’re surrounded by others.

Simply being around people may not necessarily eliminate your feelings of loneliness. It can be difficult to truly relate to people who cannot personally relate to your current experiences. If this is the case, reach out to people who do understand by joining group meetings.

3. Think of it as an opportunity for independence.

Start to view your loneliness as an empowering opportunity, rather than something to be ashamed of. You will have left treatment with new coping skills and a clearer view of yourself and your values. Let these additions fill the now empty spaces.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with an outline of how to navigate loneliness during sobriety. At GeboCall, we understand the struggles of sobriety and are ready to discuss your struggles and achievements. We’re available to speak to you at any time.

Wishing you The Gift of continued sobriety,


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