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Authentic, Intuitive, Grounded


Authentic, Intuitive, Grounded

I feel blessed to be on the bumpy path of mothering and parenthood, having finally given birth at the age of 44. I love all things authentic, real and true, adore writing, reading, walking/meditating in nature and roaming new places. An advocate for True Health, I strive to fuel and hydrate my body as the temple within which I walk my talk and live my truth.

For 15 years I’ve worked as an intuitive developmental mentor where I utilize a unique skill set that supports my clients to connect with their most authentic self; using a keen intuitive sense, hypnotic and meditative tools, yoga and a knack for asking the right questions. I see myself as an ambassador for True Health—physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and financially. I’ve been offering spiritual guidance for nearly three decades, and enjoy teaching workshops in yogic deity practice, sacred feminine wisdom and other soulful arts.

I am blessed to be enjoying motherhood, having given birth to my naturally conceived miracle baby at the age of 44, and the bumpy path of parenting that comes with it. I love wandering in the woods, writing, traveling, connecting with inspired people, and experiencing different perspectives. One day I will become a potter and publish a book. In the meantime I’m excited to engage in authentic conversation and hold space for the emergence of who you really are and why you’re really here in this world today

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