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Passionate, Real, Believer

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Passionate, Real, Believer

Lele is a believer that anything is possible and that anyone can change if they actually have a true desire to do so and a willingness to put the action behind it.
Free from a life of drugs and alcohol since July 10, 2001 she uses her own life experience as proof of the change possible for anyone. Freedoms from her addictions has set her on a path dedicated toward sparking change within others by sharing her experience, strength and hope from freeing herself from not just a life of alcohol/drug addiction but cycles of sexual and physical abuse that led to a life plagued with codependency.

Lele is a believer that we are all truly in this together and the sole purpose of the pain and tragedy of her own life experience was to heal and continue to grow and rise above in order to help and show others they can rise and grow as well. No man left behind. Lele remains forever a student of life and some how reaches a point of gratitude for its many lessons as brutal as they may come at times.

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