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The New GOLD STANDARD. Leading the world in ending the loneliness epidemic one phone call at a time.
What’s A GeboCall?

What’s a GeboCall?


What’s that? How do you say it?

I have heard some wonderfully funny pronunciations from gee-bow to gabo and have met many curious people wondering, “What the heck is that?” Gebo (g-ē-boh) is a rune from the nordic alphabet that means Gift. Call- because you get The Gift through making the call.

The Gift we give is The Gift of connection. There is no pressure to be anyone or anything but your authentic self. Some people call to laugh and tell us about their beautiful day, and some don’t know who else to talk to about something tragic happening in their life. Making a GeboCall is the ultimate act of self-care because it is a space to be yourself and connect without judgment or expectations wholeheartedly. All of our calls are anonymous and

What makes this call different from any other call you will make is when you pick up the phone to reach out to GeboCall is only about you. Many times we get on the phone with our parent, sibling, or friend, and there is a back, and forth that happens because, well, that is proper etiquette. Our Trained Advocates hold a container for you- this is a space only for you. The Gift of Connection doesn’t stop when you hang up the phone. Your call provides living wages for your Advocate, and part of each call goes to our Global Allies.

The Global Impact Organizations that we are currently supporting change the world through eradicating illiteracy and providing education. They’re making radical changes.

Our goal is for you to feel heard, validated, and leave the call feeling better. We also hope you feel excited about the changes you are making in the lives of other people through this radical act of self-care. It’s a beautiful circle.

Wishing you The Gift (Gebo) of a GeboCall,


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