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When You Feel Mentally Stuck…

When You Feel Mentally Stuck…

When you feel mentally stuck, use your disappointment to propel yourself forward. 

Life can be a cruel thing, throwing us into rocky patches and serving up disappointment as a result. Many people fear disappointing their family and friends, but the trickiest situation of all is when we disappoint ourselves. You can use your disappointment to propel yourself forward instead of feeling mentally stuck.

Disappointing yourself may make you question your dreams and ambitions and also your self-worth. In addition, it may make you feel uneasy, like you are stuck at the top of a roller coaster waiting for the drop. This can be both exhilarating or scary.

Maybe it is because only we know our true potential, and not living up to it causes unpleasant emotions such as fear, shame, and guilt. Or maybe it is because we know we are the only ones that can free ourselves from the sinking feeling of being mentally stuck. It truly is a daunting task that may feel tiring, but if you plan to, you can do so.

How to use your disappointment to propel yourself forward?

– Accept what happened

It’s a part of grief, a part of life, and also a part of the disappointment. The initial step to getting over your self-shame and disappointment is to accept what is wrong. Avoiding or glossing over it will not help you in getting unstuck.

– Treat yourself like a friend

It is easy to judge yourself in these situations, but let’s take one or two steps backward and find a new sightline. If a friend of yours comes to you with a similar issue that she was disappointed in herself for not having a stellar quarterly review or bombing her open mic night, what will you tell her? 

You won’t say that I am disappointed in you, and you can do so much better. Instead, you would be highly supportive and kind and will listen to what went wrong. You deserve the same from yourself.

– Recognize your bigger expectations

Disappointment is directly linked to the expectations that we place in ourselves. It’s a story as old as time, and you may even trace it back to your childhood. However, it is not the high expectations that feel out of reach. It is a societal pressure to “By all means, reach for the stars!”  Sometimes the stars are just taking a shower, and that’s okay.

– Don’t stay mentally stuck

If you feel highly disappointed, it is only natural to wish for something you feel will cheer you up and help you feel mentally stuck. Over analyzing can help create a negative loop. Break the loop by doing something productive, like laundry or dishes, and when you are ready to face the disappointment, we are here ready to listen.

Use your disappointment to propel yourself forward. Disappointment can cause adverse issues. You definitely can use this feeling to fuel you up for your dreams.

Wishing you The Gift of Disappointment,


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